India has a film on menstrual hygiene, but officials think it’s an adult subject.

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India has a film on menstrual hygiene, but officials think it’s an adult subject.

Menstrual hygiene is a concern that has been on the minds of Indian women for a long time. There have been debates, discussions, and even protests, but the government and the society doesn’t seem to understand this important biological process. Despite the apathy towards women’s reproductive health, one man tried to make a movie to generate awareness about menstruation. However, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has decided to award it an A (Adult) certificate.

Phullu, directed by Abhishek Saxena, talks about menstrual awareness, and aims to educate India about something it is very happy ignoring. But the Central Board of Film Certification deems it fit to make it an adult subject, because menstruation is a word that shouldn’t be uttered out loud. It should be kept hidden and whispered, because it is taboo. If you disagree with this, no one cares, because the CBFC surely doesn’t.

It is not very often that the Indian film industry makes cinema that is of social relevance. With Phullu, Abhishek Saxena is trying to talk about menstruation, a topic barely spoken of by society. The film, which is set to release today, has strengthened Saxena’s resolve to not rest until the CBFC justifies their decision about the adult certification. Even Twitter opposed this judgement and asked for a review of this decision.

According to The Quint, Saxena said, “I’m sure that the CBFC will not give Akshay Kumar’s film Padman an ‘Adult’ rating. Because he’s Akshay Kumar and whatever he shows is good and worthy of being seen as a ‘public interest’ message. If he gets an ‘A’ he’ll get Modiji to tweet about it and the CBFC will fall in line. But I’m sure he’ll get a U/A rating, so it won’t even come to that. When Padman releases, I’m sure that the CBFC will pitch it as an ‘education’ film, even though our film is just as much about menstruation and the taboo around it, as theirs.”

We’re still waiting to see if the CBFC does review their decision, and we really hope they do.

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