Couple Builds Greenhouse AROUND House to Grow Food and Keep Warm.

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Couple Builds Greenhouse AROUND House to Grow Food and Keep Warm.

With unfavorable winter temperatures of a 27 degree January average, living in Stockholm, Sweden let alone growing food in the wintertime would be unimaginable without some form of heat. Well, what better way than to harness the free energy of the sun without having to worry about solar panels and high voltage electronics.

Marie Granmar, Charles Sacilotto and their young son, decided to just that. Their house is literally an environmentally-friendly house built within a functioning greenhouse. The result? Absolute comfortably sustainable brilliance.

They call it Naturhus and it was inspired by Swedish eco-architect Bengt Warne, who was also Sacilotto’s mentor. Take a look:

Imagine sunbathing and reading a book in the dead of a frigid winter surrounded by fresh fruits and vegetables.

Here’s how it works, in a nutshell: Sunlight warms the home and growing area during the day. What’s more is residual heat is then stored in the bedrock below the house. The roof deck is open for lounging year-round.

This incredibly self-sufficient family also collects rainwater for household needs as well as for plant watering and they compost their kitchen waste.

In addition, Sacilotto, who happens to be an engineer built the house’s sewage system. Fair Companies reports, “The sewage system begins with a urine-separating toilet and uses centrifuges, cisterns, grow beds and garden ponds to filter the water and compost the remains.”

So just how safe is it to live in a greenhouse? “It’s security glass,” Sacilotto says “So in principal this can’t break. If it ever does, it will break in tiny pieces to not harm anyone.”

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